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LAS VEGAS, NV January 26, 2011—Las Vegas entrepreneur Betty Kincaid will be featured on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television in April at 7am Eastern and Pacific times.  She’ll be sharing tips from her recently published book Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense to help viewers get their finances under control.

Like her book, Betty Kincaid is honest and uncompromising in her delivery.  “Most of us were never taught how to invest, the difference between fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages, the way the stock market operates, or how (or even why) to buy a house.  The result is a sea of uninformed consumers who are practically asking to be fleeced. We’re seeing the results of this financial ignorance in increased foreclosures, bankruptcies and small business closings.” She says.

“I’m excited about this opportunity to share with The Balancing Act’s audience my top tips for controlling your cash and, ultimately, your life.”

Part call-to-arms, part instruction manual, Control Your Cash goes beyond patently obvious advice you can find anywhere. Instead, it shows you what classic pitfalls to avoid and what quiet opportunities to take advantage of. It impels you to be free – which of course, means being responsible. Control Your Cash explains every financial concept you could possibly need to know, and demonstrates how you only have to live hand-to-mouth if you want to. The book is available in trade paperback and electronic formats on Amazon, BN.com or at your local bookstore.  Or order directly from the book’s companion site, ControlYourCash.com.

Betty Kincaid is among the most accomplished women in American real estate. When naming her a founding member of the UNLV Center for Entrepreneurship, Dean Richard Flaherty called her “…the poster child for entrepreneurs.” She is a self-made woman having built and subsequently sold a multi-million dollar business. In 2005 she served as president of the national Women’s Council of REALTORS®. To schedule an interview or book Betty for your next event www.BettyKincaid.com


About The Balancing Act: The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television is America’s premier morning show about women, for women, trusted by women. Celebrating life and all there is to accomplish, The Balancing Act inspires and empowers with entertaining and educational segments, placing women in the best position to achieve success in every area of their lives. The show is produced by O2 Media Inc and airs on Lifetime Television 7 a.m. Eastern/Pacific (check local listings). Additional information and each segment can be accessed on the show’s website, http://www.TheBalancingAct.com.  Sign up for the show’s newsletter at http://www.TheBalancingAct.com/join.php.


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Here it is. I’ve attached a picture.  See it does exist.

It’s called Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense, and it’s a 326-page primer on how to avoid being poor.

It explains how to get your bank accounts and credit cards to work for you, not the other way around. Teaches you the right way to buy a car (with the salesman cursing your name as you drive away.) Shares the secrets of where and how to invest, and what all those symbols, charts and graphs mean. How to turn expenses into income, quit living paycheck-to-paycheck, realize whom the tax system is stacked against (it’s most of us) and use that to your advantage.

Read this book, and I swear it’ll pay for itself multiple times over. Heck, the tax chapter alone will do that. Because earning money is nice but building wealth is better

Here, I’ll even give you a free chapter:
TinyURL.com/CYCFreeDownload That’s 10% of the book, right there.

Did I mention it’s available on Amazon? It’s also available on my site, ControlYourCash.com.
If you’ve got a Kindle, you could have downloaded it and started reading by now. Click here.

And if you haven’t bookmarked my site yet, what are you waiting for? Daily personal finance updates on there, along with semi-weekly blog posts, all of them useful and none of them repetitive.

The book tour starts this summer. Consider this to be the series of intimate club shows before the stadium dates begin.

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Relax. This isn’t our last post, just our last post here.

We’re all grown up now. Visit us at our new permanent home, ControlYourCash.com.


Q: Why’d you move?
A: Had to. It’s our own URL, you can buy the book directly there…WordPress has been wonderful, but it’s time to leave the nest.

Q: Anything else good on the new site?
A: Oh, yeah. A forum, prizes, and the “Anti-Tip” of the Day. Guest posts from the brightest personal finance bloggers in the business. And excerpts from the new book, Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense, a personal finance book that won’t put you to sleep, and won’t patronize you, but will actually teach you something useful.

Q: Anti-Tip of the Day? What’s that?
A: “Spend your extra money on cigarettes”, “Day trading is a sure path to riches”, that kind of thing.

Q: I dig the old posts. Will they transfer to ControlYourCash.com?
A: They’re already there.

Q: Why do you write like this, in an imaginary conversation?
A: It’s a crutch. Matt Taibbi has profanity, Bill Simmons has “stringing-words-along-in-quotation-marks-ad nauseam“, David Foster Wallace had footnotes, Control Your Cash has this.

Q: Well, it seems to be working for you.
A: Thanks. See you at ControlYourCash.com.

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